The Puppet
Picture of The Puppet as he appears in v1.5 and above.
Gender Male
Holding Diamond
Color Black

The Puppet is one of the Antagonists for the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 game this mod is based on.

The Puppet in the Real Game

The puppet is one of the unique antagonists in FN@F 2. He stays in the Prize Corner in a box. The Music Box needs to be wound up at all times to keep the Puppet in the box, if the box doesn't get wound up, the Puppet exits the box and makes his way to the office to attack you. When he is about to get you, you can hear "Pop Goes The Weasel!" playing in the background.

The Puppet in the Mod

The Puppet is a boss that is spawned when Puppet's Present (You get it by killing Freddy, it is a rare drop) is right clicked with Freddy's Microphone. The Puppet has 500 health and is the fastest mob in the mod, he deals around 2 and a half hearts of damage to the player when not wearing any armor.